Reclamation & Water Law

Baker Manock & Jensen is well known in California and throughout the western United States for its expertise on a wide range of water issues. Whether we are dealing policy, legislation, transactions, administrative proceedings, or litigation, water law is one of the firm's primary and most active practice areas.

Our attorneys have extensive experience with matters relating to appropriative and riparian rights, drainage, ground water rights and regulations, water transfers, Federal reclamation law, water delivery systems, water district law and administration, and water quality. The firm has also been involved in water acquisitions, and the management of, and disputes concerning, municipal, industrial, and agricultural supplies.

We provide legal services with respect to all aspects of water law to individual clients and several water entities, including:

  • The Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District
  • Alta Irrigation District
  • Hills Valley Irrigation District
  • Consolidated Irrigation District
  • Deer Creek Storm Water District
  • Kings River Water District
  • Garfield Water District
  • Green Valley Water District
  • Root Creek Water District
  • Tri-Valley Water District
  • City of Clovis
  • City of Solvang
  • County of Fresno
  • Chowchilla Water District
  • Westlands Water District

** please note this is a partial listing

In addition to representing public agencies and individuals, we act as special counsel in transactions and litigation involving water and water-related matters for financial institutions, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, West American Bank, Bank of the West, Union Bank, Rabobank Nederland, Valley Independent Bank, various insurance companies, and The Nature Conservancy. We work closely with their staff and in-house counsel to provide comprehensive representation on a cost-effective basis.