Public Agencies

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Services Offered

Governing Board

  • Ralph M. Brown Act compliance
  • Conflicts of interest and disclosure statements
  • Public Records Act and privacy issues
  • Governing Board regulations and policies
  • Legislative issues

Real Property

  • Acquisition, development, and disposition of real property
  • CEQA and zoning issues
  • LAFCO Law
  • Purchase and sale agreements, leasing and easement issues
  • Eminent domain litigation


  • Development and implementation of personnel policies
  • Employment agreements
  • Employee discipline and litigation

Public Contracts

  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts for public improvements, professional services, and other operating requirements
  • Compliance with competitive bidding laws
  • Contract disputes and construction claims, including arbitration, litigation and alternative dispute resolution

Business and Financial Issues

  • Imposition of fees, assessments and taxes
  • General counsel representation on financing mechanisms, including bonds and certificates of participation

Environmental Regulations

  • Counseling and litigation services in a wide array of environmental issues, including water quality, wastewater discharge, air quality, toxics, and CEQA

Water Law

  • Formation and reorganization of Districts
  • Negotiation of long-term water supply contracts with state and local agencies as well as with the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation

General counsel to public agencies

  • Litigation of numerous water rights issues in both state and federal courts
  • Advising clients in connection with issues arising under the Federal Endangered Species Act